Conception and design

I listen to the customer's needs and search for his expectations. I draw functional mockups on paper or with Balsamiq. I imagine visual effects and possible interactions and create them in Photoshop or Illustrator.


I develop websites in PHP, with or without frameworks (Symfony and Kohana) and CMS (WordPress, Joomla and SPIP). I have skills in SQL and ORMs (Doctrine and Propel). I use GIT and SVN for versioning, and learn objective-C.


I speak HTML and CSS fluently, respecting the W3C's standards. I mix some Javascript (with or without jQuery) for interactions and AJAX. I know accessibility standards too and I am interested in mobile development.


In a few words...


I am a passionate and self-taught developer. Very curious, I want to learn everytime. I have always more than twenty projects in my head and I like challenges.
I love music, I have eclectic music tastes and I am a guitarist in my spare time. I am fan of board games and video games. About sports, I practice badminton and running, but I like martial arts too. I also learn cambodian (khmer) and dance salsa.

I have
always music
in my ears

I don't drink coffee but orange juice

I love travelling and meeting people

I always
wanted to be